HD Quality Video-Conferencing

We all know time is a precious commodity. Our video-conferencing services will save you time, stress, and travel expenses. Todays video-conferencing technology makes face-to-face communication possible, cost-effective, and convenient.

When attorneys, witnesses and expert consultants are in different geographic locations, travel costs can become a large part of legal expenses.

Video-conferencing technology allows efficient face-to-face communications from locations all over the world.

Sarasota Executive Suites utilizes the Life size video-conferencing system to provide HD Quality Video and Audio over our T- 3 network.

The Benefits:
Video-conferencing technology allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. The rich communications technology of videoconferencing offers new possibilities for legal professionals in need of out-of-town meetings, collaborations, depositions and trial preparation.

When your attorneys are in different geographic locations, travel costs can become a big part of the company's expenses.

Some attorneys spend a few days a week in one office, and a few days in another. Obviously, travel is expensive and time-consuming, and attorneys, managers, and even in-house trainers who are on the road are less accessible to colleagues and clients.

This is where video-conferences can alleviate substantial expenses for you, both tangible and intangible, and also reflect on the prestige of your firm.

Sarasota Executive Suites is a full service executive office suite providing office suites, virtual programs and support services since 1994.

Our video conferencing rates are $75.00 per hour which includes the conference room. Minimum one-hour reservation is required. Full day rate is $500.00 and half-day rate is $250.00. The Renter pays additional charges for IP Conference Bridge to ISDN based video conference systems. All reservations must be cancelled by Noon the business day prior to the date of reservation.

We also have 3 conference rooms (two large @ $35 per hour, 1 small @ $30 per hour in addition we have a courtesy office @ $25 per hour.

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